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Studio Works...The Initial Post

LL&PFP uses PreSonus to record music between gigs. Singles have been released on SoundCloud under the name AmoebaPK instead of LL&PFP, which is a result of PFP having established the SoundCloud account before he knew what he was doing! The name AmoebaPK was created as an off-shoot of previous work with the classic rock cover band The Amoebas of Doom (AOD). The Amoebas, as they are affectionately called by friends, went on haitus due to family responsibilities, but they will never surrender.

Entering into the SoundCloud world, PFP wanted to relate the recording work to AOD while championing the release of LL&PFP. So there ya go. Looking back, it would have been better to name the SoundCloud account LL&PFP for searchability, but the waters run fast under the Bridge of the Internet.

The first SoundCloud release was an LL&PFP Sessions recorded in 2015. It featured the band members from AOD playing selected original compositions by PFP. Followup releases have featured singles recorded primarily by PFP on his own. A new Winter EP is set to come out in early 2018 which will feature AOD members again, but with a guest drummer.

The Studio Works blog will reveal behind the scenes recording work of LL&PFP. Stay in touch to read more!

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