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A Phenomenal Year

Adios 2018, hello 2019. It was a great year for LL&PFP. We played many gigs, mostly farmers markets, and some with roofs where alcohol is served. At the end of it all, it felt like a tour. We accomplished what we set out to do: write songs, perform, record, and have fun doing it. We connected with our audiences and put smiles on faces, including our own.

Personally, as the PFP part of the equation, I felt a tremendous transformation from closet singer-songwriter to performer. I also developed a better appreciation for what it takes to keep a band going...a lot of work! Writing songs and recording them at your own studio is one thing, booking gigs and marketing your band is another. We appreciate the venues that took us in with little more than our smiles and a few songs to go on.

The best thing about being LL&PFP through 2018 was coming to terms with our music and getting comfortable with the material. Our original music has been wonderfully accepted in the public sphere. We have found our voice and hope to shout from the rooftops in the months ahead!

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