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LL&PFP 2.0

Looking back on 2018, LL&PFP had a remarkable year of music. We played in all kinds of weather, from sopping wet to hot and sweaty. We performed in a variety of venues from farmers markets, to bars, and even a community living facility for seniors. That last one was way fun!

The LL&PFP repertoire hit its stride, creating a genre that is hard to define by a solitary style; jazz, country, blues and folk blending seamlessly together like a hearty soup. Towards the end of 2018, it was necessary for LL&PFP to produce online recordings that were more representative of the live performances with a cleaner sound, featuring just two acoustic guitars and vocals (plus a special guest). Previous recordings tended toward full band arrangements, but the simpler acoustic recordings are pure LL&PFP. A collection of 9 songs were released on in February 2019 as LL&PFP, Acoustic Hawk Vol. 1. We hope you'll check it out. The first three songs posted on our website are from the Acoustic Hawk collection.

We certainly hope to perform as a full band someday, but we can't argue with how easy it is to cart around less gear to an LL&PFP gig.

We've lined up the farmers market calendar for the year and hope to round off with some indoor gigs here and there. To be honest, it's hard to balance gig life with family life and work life, but it sure is fun!

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