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A Salute to The LL&PFP Community!

Hello followers (can I say fans?) of LL&PFP. It was an exceptionally fun day at the Walnut Creek Farmers Market gig. Thank you for showing your support and enthusiasm for what we do. Sometimes playing music at a farmers market is a lonely endeavor, filled with the sounds of crickets, or the occasional woosh and pop of the kettle corn guy next door. So it is with heartfelt thanks that we express our sincere appreciation when you stop and listen, laugh, and just enjoy a moment with us.

There was one person who asked about a song we do called Any Other Way. She said her husband liked the song and wanted to know who did it so he could learn to play it. So happy to tell her it was an original!

It's always fun to engage with the families that stop by with small children. They are so intrigued by live music. It's very cute to watch them hesitantly approach the booth to drop a buck in the tip jar; they might even boogie down a bit too! I think children are tops in the LLPFP fan base demographic. Take that, Justin Bieber!

A highlight of the day was the large family that stopped by to hear a few tunes. They were the extended family variety with grandkids and grandparents in tow. They mentioned they were from Bakersfield (at least some of the family was) and it was a thrill to play My California Honky Tonk for them which is a song that references the honky tonk scene in Bakersfield. They cheered out loud when the reference came around, and again at the song's conclusion. Viva Bakersfield! Thank you for that!

Most of what's great about life revolves around relationships, even the brief ones we experience in our daily lives. So glad to share it with all of you.

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